Submit your best scientific images for a unique art exhibition!

At The Art of Science, it is our mission to connect scientists and science from around the world through visual and performance art

Science is founded on the creativity of the human mind, much like art. The various fields of science generate impressive pieces of data that can further spur the creativity of artists, thereby connecting worlds, languages, and people. We believe that connecting people is an essential aspect of human kind and that art is a universal language that can be used to inspire generations and further the development of knowledge and social values.

Spray painting is a versatile technique that is used at a global scale, enabling artists to express their feelings, their views of the world, and to convey messages throughout history. Merging science and art through spray painting is a way of promoting values important for both disciplines.

The event we are proposing will be organized as follows: scientific photos would be collected from scientists and approximately 50 pictures will be selected. They will be printed on high-quality paper and organized into an installation of, for example, 4m x 3m. A street artist will then spray paint across the assembled installation in a live event, open to viewers. With each image being modified by the spraying, the graffiti continues to connect individual scientific images, even after the installation is disassembled, symbolizing the collaboration between scientists.

The event will take place at the venue of the Prion 2023 meeting in Faro, Portugal, on October 17th.

With this project, we would like to stimulate the participation of young scientists from around the world, and to promote and popularize the awareness of contemporary scientific topics.

Submission guidelines:

  • We want to see your best scientific images, regardless of the origin: microscopy, crystallography, NMR, bioinformatics… let your creativity flow!
  • Submit your images along with a one sentence legend via email before September 20th, 2023

  • There is no entry fee for submissions
  • There is no entry fee for submissions
  • We welcome submissions from researchers at all levels and encourage, in particular, submissions from students and postdocs
  • We accept multiple entries from a single participant
  • Do not submit images that are already published or destined for a manuscript or publication
  • By submitting, participants automatically accept the conditions of the project: they grant The Art of Sciencenon-exclusive rights to use and reproduce the images submitted (with the name of the author indicated) for promotional and exhibition purposes. No royalties or financial compensation will be paid. Participants assume and accept all legal and financial responsibility for any infringement on the privacy rights or copyright of others, caused by creating or presenting their work in public. The Art of Science reserves the right to exclude from the competition entries that may violate the conditions of the competition and ones that violate any human or privacy rights.

Submission guidelines:

  • Participants selected for the exhibition will be asked to provide a high-resolution TIFF or JPEG file (at least 4000 pixels on the longer side at 300 dpi), for us to have the image printed in high resolution.
  • Selected participants will be asked to agree that an intervention of a street artist is made on the prints of their images. In this way, a new unique artwork will be created, having two authors who will both be credited for the final artwork.

  • The final artwork will remain the property of The Art of ScienceThe Art of Scienceretains the right to sell the final artwork with the purpose of sustainability of the project and for the organization of subsequent events.
  • The Art of Science will archive all photography exhibitions electronically, in order to promote the exhibitions to curators, collectors as well as the general public.