Faro: a City on the beach

Faro’s beaches and the Ria Formosa, where flamingos can be seen taking to the air, mark the border with the sea.

On the flat terrain behind are the houses and buildings of Faro, green vegetable plots that thrive on the fertile land and water wheels that were once used to draw water from the ground another reminder of the city’s Moorish heritage.

In the distance, a semi-circle of gentle hills, their slopes clad with fruit trees, frames the landscape. Villages where life goes on at the same easy pace as in centuries past, where unassuming churches conceal art works of astonishing beauty, where vestiges of the magnificence of the Romans still litter the fields.

These are among the charms of Faro and its municipality, an ideal starting point for exciting voyages of discovery.


The islands and the long stretches of beach that are an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing.

The tranquil waters of the Ria Formosa, a paradise for nature lovers; and in the background, the countryside dotted with white houses: these are the attractions of Olhão and its municipality, a great place for a holiday full of sun, life and a whole host of charms.


Gigantic sculptures carved by the pounding waves that plunge into a crystal sea.

The iridescent greens of sea caves. Beach after beach of soft sand tucked away between ochre cliffs or stretching clear to the horizon. Verdant countryside dotted with the white of houses.

Just a few reasons for visiting and discovering one of the most attractive parts of the Algarve.


The mythical atmosphere surrounding Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St. Vincent), places dedicated to the gods for thousands of years.

The unspoilt coastline, with its dramatic horizons of cliffs and sea; the many menhirs that bear witness to prehistoric rites; memories of the epic of the Discoveries and the enigmatic figure of Prince Henry the Navigator: such are the attractions of Vila do Bispo and its municipality, a vast triangle where the sea is a constant presence. And where nature combines with history to create a unique region that is well worth getting to know.


A turquoise sea bounded by ochre cliffs and soft, sandy beaches.

Bunches of grapes ripening beneath the hot summer sun. The shapes, colors and designs of ceramics that belong to a tradition centuries old.

Such are the attractions of Lagoa and its surroundings, the romantic chapel of Nossa Senhora da Rocha perched high above the sea, and the fascinating rock formations of Algar Seco.


First and foremost, Albufeira is famed for its beaches, for the countless shades and tones of its rocks and cliffs.

This is a place where people live to the rhythm of the great holiday destinations, sunbathing during the day and at sunset flocking to enjoy the restaurants, bars and discotheques that enliven the nighttime hours.

Just a few miles inland and everything changes. The green of the countryside is dotted with almond, fig, orange and pine trees and decorated chimneys stand out against the ochre of tiled roofs. Bucolic villages invite you to experience a way of life rooted in the tranquility of nature, to add another dime